Wheelchair users:

Prolonged sitting is a significant health issue for wheelchair users, which can affect your quality of life. It has been shown that deconditioning occurs through lack of physical activity, and so, unfortunately our health depends not only on a 30 – 45 minute daily exercise but also what we do for the rest of the day. The World Health Organisation and the UK department of Health suggest we all move every 30 minutes; this may be impractical or not possible.

The Leeper can overcome this problem and enable you to become more independent with your regular exercise every day.

The Leeper units can be retro-fitted to the footplates of your wheelchair using a clamp (chosen from our range that best suits your wheelchair). Once set up, the Leeper is ready to be used at any time and whenever it suits you. When not being used it is simply becomes a footrest. This negates the need for a separate exerciser that not only has to be made available to you, and even set up, but when not used will have to be stored somewhere.

The Leeper encourages movement in the foot and ankle which activates the ‘calf muscle pump’ the function of which is to increase venous return. Our pilot study showed significant results for blood circulation and has led the way for further study into the health benefits from its regular use.

The Leeper can be simply and easily reattached to other bases to suit your needs.