Office workers:

Prolonged sitting is detrimental to our health, especially in the lower limbs. This was concluded from a large scale study and has become a reference point for the UK  government and health professionals. So a job involving sitting at a workstation for most of the day every day can impact our health and well being.

We may exercise for 45 minutes after work each day, but this may not be enough, as a further study has shown that maintaining our health also depends on what we do durning the rest of the day.

Fellowes also commissioned a study of office workers and found …….


So being proactive, you can help yourself and avoid this problem by using the Leeper at you desk; enabling you to maintain leg health boosting your circulation and muscles activity.

The Leeper for the office worker has been designed to sit under your desk to encourage you to exercise your legs regularly during your working day. When not being used the Leeper simply acts as a footrest on an ergonomically angled base which could help relieve any lower back stress from sitting for long periods.

An initial pilot study of the Leeper showed significant results for blood circulation, where maximum blood flow was recorded at the first test interval (5 minutes) Thus it is easy to boost blood circulation with just 2 minutes every 20 minutes of exercise when seated. The World Health Organisation has suggested we all stand or move around every 30 minutes; this is not alway practical so the Leeper steps in to provide a ‘footy’ solution .

The action of the Leeper encourages the natural foot and ankle movement that occurs when walking and this activates the ‘calf muscle pump’, the function of which is to increase venous return. Because it is an everyday movement it is easy to ‘rock’ your feet and continue to work. 8 hours sitting at your desk every day could see a step count of at least 5760 steps (based on 2 mins every 20 mins at a rate of 1 step per second). To monitor your steps you may have an activity tracker which can be attached to your ankle whilst seated to record these steps. The Leeper is easily portable using the carry case.