for anyone anywhere



Easy to use

wheelchair user

All age groups

mobility impaired

Mobility issues, Rehab

health professional

Physios, OTs, GPs and NHS staff

Office workers

All staff at desks

The Leeper

Developed with you in mind

Easy to Use

The Leeper is pre assembled and ready to go out of the box.



The Leeper’s small footprint and materials choice makes it portable for use anywhere, with a carry case available soon.


Modular design

The unit design allows for future upgrades for greater connectivity.


Easy to clean

The Leeper’s choice of material is wipeable and cleanable with a chemical cleaner and dishwasher safe

Why Select The Leeper?

Improving Quality of Life and Independence through effective products


Choice of materials and a small footprint results in a device less than 1.5kg making it very portable  (carry case available soon)


Modular design of the Leeper enables easily interchanged resistance units for muscle strengthening 


The design results in  a smooth action that is natural and quiet

Ready to

Use straight out of the box with a choice of wheelchair attachment or footrest base and one size fits all 

Designed for

Anyone can use the Leeper                     Anywhere you are seated                         Anytime of day 


Modular design allows for easy upgrades for connectivity

Start your journey to better mobility and health

Optimised to help maintain leg health

The Leeper helps encourage the user to keep their leg muscles active for improved circulation resulting in better leg health and greater mobility. 

Based on University studies


about us.

C.T: Designs Ltd is a carbon neutral company set up with the ethos of providing usable and effective products for improving individual’s health and fitness. Charles Townsend is the founder and owner of a UK based manufacturer and retailer. 

Our aim is to design and develop user friendly stylish products that will encourage people to take back some control of their health. Charles saw the need for the availability of the right type of product to motivate the individual to regular, effective and easy daily exercise for their general health, mobility and well-being.

We are working to improve lives. 

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Our focus.

Improving Quality of Life and Independence by providing effective products

user friendly

Designing with you in mind to improve your life


Developing the product with eco-friendly materials


Product design fitting into your lifestyle


The product should - Do what it says on the tin

Our team.

Improving Quality of Life and Independence by providing effective products
Charles Townsend

Founder & CEO

Dean Carran


Charles Townsend

Lead Developer

Charles Townsend


Revolutionary features
The Leeper in action

Our News

Improving Quality of Life and Independence by providing effective products

The Leeper - entry model

All you need to get started ...

A revolutionary leg exerciser
Introduction The Leeper started out life from observations in my work as a Tai Chi teacher. I have been teaching residents in many local care homes for over 15 years, and it has become…

Early Adopter


Improving Quality of Life and Independence by providing effective products

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Charles Townsend

Founder, C.T:Designs ltd